Election 2020: Life and Death for Capitalists, Death and Suffering for Workers

Regardless of the victory of Joe Biden of Donald Trump in the 2020 Election, the United States will still be a fascist country, unless we join the Communist struggle. Fascism, according to Benito Mussolini, is the merger of the corporation and the state into one entity. The reason this happens is that the Capitalist Class is defending itself from implosion (economic depression) or explosion (workers revolution). No matter who wins in 2020, this nation will still be fascist.

Donald Trump represents open ended Fascism with ethno-nationalist qualities. This means that the policies enacted by his variant of fascism will be to outwardly say, “this is white america, and any social reforms championed by the center left, and communist left is a threat to the United States.”. He will use his supporters as a militia to implement his policies, whether he wins or not. They already mimic the brown shirts of Germany and black shirts of Italy.

Joe Biden represents the illusion of Democracy, in order to prevent the working class from realizing fascism already exists, thus preventing revolutionary fervor from being directed at both major political parties. This means that the anger and anti-fascist agitprop, Agitational Propaganda, will only be directed at the Republican Party. This illusion makes the liberal wing of fascism seem like the champions of freedom, thus creating their own type of militia. This militia operates on psychological and institutional warfare. The use of shame, social exclusion, and use of media platforms by the liberals to attack the socialist left and disgruntled workers as “enablers of fascism” are guilty of irony in the highest sense.

We see this in Germany in 1929, and in the United States in 2020. In Germany, the Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands (Social Democratic Party Germany) or liberal party, enabled Fascism by using the government against the socialists, anarchists, and communists that were opposing the Fascists in the street and institutions.

Why would the ruling liberal party do such a thing? Why would they attack the only people openly defying Hitler? It is the same situation here with leftists attacking fascists in the streets in America. The Party leadership of the SPD and DNC benefit from fascism. The leadership are both Capitalists. They both benefit from our exploitation as workers. They benefit from purporting the illusion of democracy so we cannibalize upon each other. The issue with the liberal parties is that they underestimate the fascists. They are arrogant and disconnected from the people, and think they can use the fascists to secure their own power and maintain their hold on the capitalist dictatorship. But when the fascists win, the liberal hold on power is utterly eliminated.

When Hitler took power, he banned the SPD and the other left and conservative parties. Thus purging their leadership and arresting them. We must also keep in mind that a nation’s capitalist class also cannibalizes upon itself. That is what will happen in the US. Our capitalists are in a war for our minds to determine which set of capitalists will control the fascist state. Except this time, the struggle is far more dangerous and permanent.

That is why it won’t matter who will win. Workers as a whole will not have better living conditions with a Biden or Trump victory. Minority rights will still not be protected. They were not protected with Obama, and definitely won’t with Biden. Women’s rights will always be in jeopardy, and have never been protected for undocumented immigrants and women of color. This is why we must commit to standing together as a working class. We must establish a Socialist state, built through helping our communities and rejecting the capitalist lie that this election is life or death, because it is not. It is life and death for the capitalist class, it will always be death and suffering for workers.

I critique society from a Marxist Viewpoint